The City of Airdrie has launched an interactive online tool geared at allowing Airdrie residents to sound off on how they want their municipal budget shaped. 

"Airdrie has been experiencing rapid growth and the need for municipal services has been outpacing the ability to fund and expand those services to match. The input you provide here will add valuable insight and community perspective to the information Council will consider as they move into budget deliberations this November," The City stated on its website.

The interactive survey begins with property taxes, with the tool underlining that any adjustment a resident makes to the city's budget will also affect property taxes, which can be seen in the online tool. 

To see how your adjustments to the budget would affect your own property tax, enter your current property assessment value in the box below.

For those who do not wish to use their current property assessment, the tool calibrates it to a preset amount - $470,000 which is the average assessed value of a home in the city. Following that, there is a detailed tax breakdown of where the money goes - not only within Airdrie. A detailed breakdown of the city's individual service budgets, including RCMP and Municipal Enforcement, Fire Services, and Transit, among others is also provided, along with descriptions of 

An interactive tool rolled out by The City of Airdrie is allowing residents to sound off on what they want to see in the municipal budget. (Graphic Credit to City of Airdrie)An interactive tool rolled out by The City of Airdrie is allowing residents to sound off on what they want to see in the municipal budget. (Graphic Credit to City of Airdrie)

Another section of the survey allows residents to select up to three capital investment projects they deem a priority for them. Capital projects include:

  • New Fire Hall in the NE
  • New recreation centre in the SW
  • CP Rail underpass on Yankee Valley Blvd
  • New water line from Calgary
  • CP Rail underpass on Veterans Blvd
  • Develop the new regional park in the NE
  • Artificial turf field

In a short video that is featured within the citizen budget interactive tool, Mayor Brown underlined that residents' feedback is a valued part of the information that both he and the council consider during budget deliberations.

"You'll learn how your decisions might influence your property tax bill and the services you would receive. This survey is designed to gather your input and understand your priorities as we work to create a budget that serves you better."

Other municipalities have also announced similar interactive tools and surveys including Rocky View County and Crossfield. 

This survey is open until September 10, 2023.

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