Here we go! The Calgary Flames are burning up the ice, in a bid for the Stanley Cup! 

The first game in the Flames series against Dallas last night was an interesting one! There were a ton of fights, game misconducts and a whole lot of passion, but scoring wasn't something there was a lot of.

In fact, there was only one goal that came in the first period, scored by Elias Lindholm on a power play and it ended up being the winning goal. After that, the goaltenders shut it down. As for Markstrom, it was the second shoutout in his career during the postseason. A great start to what is sure to be an exciting match-up between the two teams! 

We were at home cheering and we hope you were as well! In fact, we'd like to see your Flames pride!

Show us what your Flames setup looks like. Is it in a garage? Man Cave? Or maybe it's just a goal light flashing whenever they score. Big or small it doesn't matter we just want to share some Calgary Flames love with each other. 

While most of us won't be at this level, check out Dean McCord's insane setup! It's like the red lot but in his house! I may have to ask for an invitation to Thursday's watch party at his place!