Back on April 27, a check stop was erected in the area around Sharp Hills. An RCMP peace officer at the scene told Discover Airdrie that the check stop was set up in the area as there had been complaints from residents about speeding.

Two peace officers on the scene were stopping cars in both directions and checking licenses. 

When asked if the speeding and complaints were only recent, the RCMP confirmed that there has been a significant uptick since a road closure earlier this month.

On April 14, 2022, Range Road 294 (Kingsview Rd SE) North of Township Road 264 was permanently closed as part of the 40th Avenue interchange construction project. 

Unfortunately, Airdrie RCMP was unable to provide information if any tickets were handed out for this check stop.

To date, there have been 29 Checkstops conducted this year.

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