If you have been wanting to turn back time, this Saturday you can. 

It's that time of year when our Alberta clocks get set back an hour early Sunday morning (Saturday night) as 2 a.m. will turn into 1 a.m. Getting that extra hour of sleep will help make up for the hour lost earlier in the year.  

Airdrie's Fire Department recommends that as you're looking at your electronics around the house, you should also remember to look at your home smoke alarm and ensure that it is working properly.

"The daylight savings both in the spring and the fall, is when we really encourage people that have smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms that don't have ten-year batteries, to change their batteries," stated Airdrie Fire Chief Mike Pirie.

While some smoke alarms have ten-year batteries, Pirie does mention he firmly believes they should still be tested on a regular basis.

"If it's a 10-year battery, and you're used to just changing your batteries every six months for daylight savings, then just go ahead and test it, make sure that it's still working, you've got to remember that even though it's a 10-year battery, that doesn't mean it's going to last 10 years."

According to Pirie, smoke alarms are the first line of defence when it comes to fires.

"They are the early detection of a problem occurring and they're the ones that are the most closely associated with saving lives."

The first country to officially adopt Daylight Savings Time into law was Germany in 1916. 

While Alberta did explore the possibility of switching permanently to Daylight Savings Time in 2021 in a referendum question, the votes in favour of keeping the system as is, were slim. 50.2 per cent of those who voted, voted no, while 49.8 per cent voted in favour of it. 

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