The Airdrie Fire Department had a busy Monday as they responded to two separate structure fires in a matter of three hours.

Incident #1

The Airdrie Fire Department responded to reports of a structure fire in the McDonald’s restaurant located inside Walmart at around 5 p.m. Upon arrival, fire crews discovered that the single-story business building's fire alarm system had been activated and that all staff members and customers had successfully left.

Firefighters discovered some mild smoke in the kitchen area and discovered that the restaurant's ice cream dispenser had caught fire. Staff had previously unplugged the device, which firemen then carried outside the structure.

Air quality testing was done while fans were utilized to ventilate smoke from the cooking area.

The Fire Prevention Bureau has determined the cause of the fire to be a mechanical malfunction in the ice cream dispensing machine, damage is estimated at $3000.

14 firefighters and seven pieces of fire apparatus were on the scene.

Incident #2

Around 7:40 p.m., Airdrie Fire Department responded to reports of a structure fire in a senior's residence, The Hamlets at Cedarwood Station. 

When the firefighters arrived, they discovered that a number of residents had fled to the sidewalk in front of the four-story apartment building. These occupants were transferred to Fletcher Village, which served as their emergency staging place, across the street. Residents who had not yet left their apartments were instructed to securely Shelter in Place by keeping their doors closed.

Firefighters arrived to find a minor fire blazing in a metal garbage bin in the communal laundry area, which had generated some light smoke conditions on the third floor. A portable dry chemical extinguisher had been used to try to put out the fire before AFD arrived.

Electric fans were employed to immediately ventilate the area once the fire was put out. Air quality testing was finished after the smoke was put out to guarantee that all residents could return safely.

A burning therapeutic bean bag heating pad was identified by the Fire Prevention Bureau as the fire's origin. Estimates of damage have not been confirmed.

Eight pieces of fire apparatus and 14 firefighters were on the scene.

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