Homeowners are advised to prevent frozen pipes as Airdrie starts to see colder and colder weather.

Now that the first snowfall has arrived, one of the most frequent winter-related damage claims in the province is the result of frozen pipes. 

Taking only a few preventable measures could end up saving you anywhere from $5,000 - $75,000 in repairs.

“Frozen water can create cracks in your pipes, and when that ice starts to melt, the leaking water can cause extensive water damage to the home,” says Dennise Roach, Property Claims Supervisor, AMA Insurance Agency. “If a burst pipe isn’t addressed quickly, it can lead to water damage, black mould, and even personal injury.”

Here are some of the tips Roach provided:

  • Turn off the valve to outdoor water faucets, usually located in the basement.
  • Disconnect and drain your hoses.
  • Drain the outdoor faucet so there's no water left in the pipe.

"This will prevent any water that can expand and crack the pipes causing water damage," explained Roach.

Another thing Albertans should look at is making sure your furnace is working the way it should be.

"If your furnace turns off, a house can freeze up in no time in our climate."

According to Roach, when you leave on vacation during the winter months when your furnace is running, make sure your house stays above 15°C, close off your main water supply, and have someone come in and out of your house every day to check on things.

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