When Airdrie resident Karla Moore noticed the lights of a police car flashing in her rear mirror, exasperated and nervous she slowed and pulled over into a nearby parking lot off of Veteran's Boulevard.

Moore said she was absolutely certain she hadn't been speeding on this particular Wednesday afternoon, hence troubling thoughts ran through her head. Since she was driving her sister's car, who was at home sick, Moore thought that perhaps the car's registration had expired and she was about to get a hefty fine.

"You know that one or two minutes when they pull you over and you stop and they come to the vehicle? I had so many different thoughts coming through my head!"

However when Airdrie RCMP Cst. Hani Mousa did make it to Moore's car, he had no intention of ticketing her. Cst. Mousa simply wanted to let her know that an iPad that she had forgotten on the top of the vehicle had fallen off and tumbled to the ground. The iPad in question belonged to her niece whom she was on her way to pick up. The RCMP constable told Moore it had fallen off a few blocks back. And although Moore was relieved she wasn't getting a traffic citation, she was still panicked.

"I was going into Auntie mode saying that I had to pick up my niece and I promised I'd be there in 10 minutes, and now I'd have to go back and look," Moore explained. 

She managed to pull over into a parking lot, with her toddler nephew in her arms along with the car keys, Moore began to frantically retrace her steps.

"I'm crossing the street, where the Propak building is - on the way to Wendy's; I got across a street and the cop that had pulled me over, had gone back because he knew where I dropped it. I had no idea and grabbed it for me."

She profusely thanked the officer before making her way back to her car to pick up her niece, iPad in one hand, her nephew in the other. When she did finally pick up her niece, the little girl was not aware of the detour her aunt took to retrieve her iPad and pointed out that she was late. 

On Wednesday evening, Moore posted a social media note in a local Facebook group, thanking the police officer, though at that time she could not recall his name as she was quite flustered during the ordeal. 

"I feel like cops, they have a bad rap and [many people complain and say] they're the ones that are always giving us tickets," she said. "But there are really good cops out there and they will go the extra mile to do such nice things. He didn't have to do that.  I'm sure he had other things he had to do than to go look for an iPad. I felt like everyone needed to know - it was a nice gesture."

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