Last weekend the newest fresh food market in town officially opened its doors.

Souto Farms, located just north of Main Street, opened it's Airdrie location bringing the best of its farm-fresh produce to local consumers.

What you might not know is the story behind the farms which spans generations.

"In the 70s, my grandparents immigrated to Canada, to the Okanagan to start farming," said Chris Souto, co-owner and third-generation farmer with the family. "My father took after and started farming as well and in the early 80s started coming out to Alberta to sell fresh produce to Albertans."

The Airdrie farms provide produce from the family's flagship farm in Oliver B.C. as well as other growers in that province. The company also partners with farmers in Alberta to sell some of their fresh vegetables.

Chris also highlighted some of the other products sold at the farms, including many from local entrepreneurs who commonly sell at the Airdrie Farmer's Market.

There are plans to fill the shelves with even more locally sourced products as farm management is working with many Airdrie-based companies.

At the end of it all, Chris said providing these local items and the fresh produce gives him the greatest satisfaction as a farmer.

"Honestly, just getting rid of that middle man. Knowing that people can get something that's been grown in front of their eyes and be able to take it home and enjoy it with their family. Know where it's grown, how it's made and, of course, where it comes from."

Souto Farms is open Friday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. throughout the summer.

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