"Wait a minute, snow in April? That's weird!" -said no Albertan, ever. 

We've come to expect snow until at least May Long Weekend. We have an unwritten understanding with Mother Nature that snow days are fair game until then. 

When the snow is falling, much like it is today, there are some snow-specific 'chores' we have to get done. They're not great, but it makes for a productive day when you complete them all!

The Snow Day To-Do List:

1: Grab the snowbrush and get the piles of snow off your vehicle. Even if you aren't heading out right away, it's good to brush small-ish amounts off throughout the day rather than a bunch of snow all at once, especially the next morning when you're already late for work.

2: Take the snow shovel out of storage and clear your driveway/sidewalk. Not all of us have that fancy snowblower so we have to clear snow the old-fashioned way. Speaking of, when it comes to shoveling snow off your sidewalk, do you stop where your property ends, or do you help out the neighbors?

3: Put the shoes and boots on the vent. This is a small task, but makes all the difference! No one likes putting on damp footwear that was just sitting there since trekking through the snow earlier.

4: Roll some snowballs and keep them in the freezer. Who knows how much more snow we're going to get, so why not savor the stuff? Wait until a warm day in July to take those snowballs out of the freezer and have a summer snowball fight. Don't throw them as soon as you take them out of the freezer because they'll be pure ice by then. Thaw them a little before throwing. 

What else should go on the Snow Day To-Do list?

-Marissa from Air Afternoons