The City Of Airdrie has been officially recognized as a Bee City.

 Airdrie is one of twenty-three cities in Canada and the 2nd in Alberta to become part of the pollinator program. 

The city will be planting over 500 native trees, shrubs and forbs annually and provide educational opportunities for residents to learn about pollinators.  

Gail Gibeau, Senior Planner with the City of Airdrie says Bee Week is part of the celebration of becoming a pollinator city. 

"Coming on the heels of the City Of Airdrie becoming the 23rd pollinator city in Canada council last month proclaimed the week of June 17th until the 23rd as pollinator week"

During the week, the city will be holding a variety of different events throughout the community for residents of Airdrie to become more informed on what it means to be a pollinator city.

Kendall Bampton, with the parks department, says there is a huge variety of events residents can look forward to. 

"We were at the Airdrie Famer market yesterday where we had pollinator talks and gave examples of pollinator-friendly trees and shrubs and then on Thursday we have a friendly pollinator walk planned in Nose Creek park but because of the weather we will be moving it to city hall." 

The importance of pollinators cannot be understated, 90% of wild flowering plants globally depend on animal pollination for producing their seeds.

Gail Gibeau, Senior Planner with the City says we need these insects to maintain a healthy food inventory in the world. 

"Pollinators are important for a food security perspective three-quarters of plants in the world rely on insect pollinators to reproduce so they help up grow food in our urban environment that leads to fresh food. The need for this is huge in Airdrie as we work towards being Canadas healthies city."

For more information, contact the Parks Department at 403-948-8400. 

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