Children say the most bizarre things. There's a reason why this phrase is so popular. 
These tiny ones are learning and aren't concerned with societal constraints; they have no filter and just tell it like it is...or isn't.

The imaginations of children are inspiring, and I think it tragic that most of us lose these abilities as we grow older. 
However, children utilize their imaginations to concoct the most outrageous tales....

I had to explain why I was missing part of my arm while I was in elementary school. For those who are unaware, I am an amputee. 

Instead of giving my fellow youngsters the dull reality, I used to tell them that I pushed my hand through a cage at the Calgary Zoo and a tiger bit it off, or that my family went on vacation to California and a shark bit it off while I was swimming in the ocean. 

In exchange, I know a lot of amazing stories came out of my classmates. So tell me some funny stories about falsehoods you told as a kid. The ones that made a boring subject more interesting or were designed to make you puff up your chest in front of the other kids.