The Niagara 2022 Summer Games have wrapped up for the year. Ontario finished first with 198 medals (86-60-52), Quebec was second (49-51-42) with 142, B.C squeezed into third place with 128 medals (34-51-43) and Alberta finished fourth with (35-33-43) and a total of 111 medals.   

Team Alberta won the Centennial cup which is an award given to the province or territorial team that shows the greatest improvement from one Summer Games to the next or one Winter Game to the next.  

The point differentials for each province in each sport are added to provide an overall measure of change.    

Alberta finished with 215 flag points in the previous Canada Summer Games and finished this year with 252 flag points and a flag point progress of 15.0. Team Saskatchewan was the next closest with a 14.0 flag point progress.   

Locals that won gold medals in the event include Airdronian Tana Layton who won Gold with Team Alberta’s Basketball team, Irricana Native Addison Butler who won gold in the 4x100-meter (m) freestyle mixed relay, and Cochrane native Nicholas Hooper who won gold in male wrestling up to 70KG.    

Other local athletes that have medaled include, Sophia Howell who came in third in the female Triathlon category (Airdrie), Ashton South (Airdrie) collected silver in Male Volleyball and swimmer Wesley Wilks (Didsbury) claimed one more bronze medal for Team Alberta in the 50-meter breaststroke for males.    

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