Staff at Bert Church High School, along with some special guests, reclaimed their crown in this year's charity hockey battle.

The staff took on a team of students and beat them in the end with a final score of 9-2 in the Cobble Classic.

The charity game has been held once a year for several years now but this year it had a new name. The reason for the name change is that it's now a memorial game for one of the game's biggest supporters Norm Cobble, who the Bert Church family lost last year.

Ryan Jones, a teacher at Bert Church was very happy with the outcome and the amount of money that was raised for the Alberta Children's Hospital.

"We raised a total of $5,650, between fundraising and ticket sales and everything like that."

There were a few special guests who came out to support the endeavour, including three NHL Alumni: Chris Herperger, Tony Stiles and Steve Kelly. They also had members from the Calgary police service and local "On The Bench" social media stars Olly and Jacob on the ice for the event.


"The On The Bench guys brought a great atmosphere to the entire game. They made it quite enjoyable with some of the antics that they put on. They were great with the kids and the NHL alumni were fantastic with the kids as well."

Jones mentioned they are looking forward to hosting the game again next year and hopefully opening it up to more community members who want to support the great cause. 

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