The Rocky View Schools (RVS) Board of Trustees approved the 2022–2026 RVS Strategic Plan at the most recent public board meeting.

The division will focus on giving children an education and a schooling experience that supports them in doing their very best throughout the course of the next four years, as described by the priorities, goals, and outcomes in this plan.

The priorities include:

  • Improving students learning
  • Strengthening their workforce
  • Bolstering their infrastructure 
  • Connecting with their communities

The objectives for enhancing student learning include providing quality instruction with a focus on numeracy and literacy, offering inclusive, safe, and supportive student-centred education, and providing a variety of learning opportunities. With these objectives, the goals RVS has set out to reach include improved student achievement and engagement, an increased sense of belonging, and parents' and guardians' belief students are learning the skills that are needed.

The goals for strengthening the workforce include creating and implementing plans to retain and recruit a skilled and diverse workforce, supporting opportunities for professional learning that advance expertise, capacity, and leadership development, and fostering a cooperative and welcoming team environment across RVS.

Providing and planning for suitable learning and working environments, running well-maintained schools and facilities where students and staff can thrive, and providing a solid technological infrastructure responsive to changing student and staff needs are all examples of how to support infrastructure plans.

Additionally, RVS intends to develop new partnerships and reinforce current ones in order to improve learning while actively engaging in communication.

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