Over the weekend, Stephen’s Backpacks, based in Airdrie, redecorated a home in Calgary as part of their Four Seasons of Hope Project which furnishes and decorates homes for families beginning a new life outside of an abusive situation. 

23 volunteers came together to help redecorate the Society’s 34th home. They were able to give the whole house a makeover, from furnishing the living room to restocking the fridge and making every room personalized for each member of the family. 

Nancy Mcphee, Director of Stephens Backpack Society, was so grateful for all the donations and all the hard work. 

“There's no feeling in the world like it when you are done, tired, and you walk out the door. It's just really emotional and really overwhelming.” 

Mcphee says the whole house was furnished for a single mom with three boys. 

“We filled the living room and dining room and completely stocked the kitchen with pots, pans, dishes, glasses, and all the kitchen things that you can imagine. We even got a washer and a dryer. Upstairs, we decorated mom's room, two little boys' rooms, and an older boy's.” 

Just like many times previously, they were able to add a personal touch to all the rooms. 

“When it came to the two little boys, one of them loves Paw Patrol, so the whole bed was Paw Patrol themed and we even got a remote Paw Patrol scooter for him, The other one was Spider-Man and then the older one was fortnight so we had Fortnight curtains and the Fortnight bedspread.” 

StephSpiderman and Paw Patrol room.
Steph 2Fortnite room.

According to Mcphee, the mom's dream was to have a vanity, and Mcphee was able to make that happen. 

“The lady at the store pulled out this gorgeous cherry wood vanity with three mirrors. It's like knocked down to probably 70 per cent off the price just because they want to get rid of it.” 

They also added some pictures of beaches, mountains, and things of mom’s favourite colour, which is fuchsia. 

Steph 3Mothers room.

Mcphee hopes the next home they decorate can be in Airdrie. She mentioned she will have some more help with this one. 

“I'm going to be meeting with Tina Petrow from the Council here in Airdrie and we're going to start working on our next project.” 

Mcphee says alongside all the furniture they placed within the home, Kidoodle. TV is supplying $750 Superstore vouchers for this family each month for a year to buy food and other necessities. 

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