Things may look interesting for Airdrie as we are expecting some snow mixed with rain throughout the night. This is according to Danielle Fingland, Decision Support Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

“For today, we're expecting the precipitation mostly to fall as rain. We're expecting about five to 10 millimetres for today. Tonight, however, we're going to see a rain-snow mix in the Airdrie region.” 

According to Fingland, there is some good news with snow on the way. 

“It's going to be warm enough that it's going to be relatively wet snow. So, we're not really expecting much in regards to accumulations of snowfall. But we are expecting another five to 10 millimetres of rain tonight.”  

Temperatures are expected to remain above freezing level, but things could still get a little interesting when it comes to the roads. 

“With any precipitation on the roads, it could get a little bit slippery, even with the rain.” 

Fingland mentioned things might be a little different for people travelling to, or through, the foothills or Parkland regions as the snow is expected to accumulate. 

For May long weekend, things should look a little bit better than what we are going to see today and tonight. 

“Tomorrow things are going to clear up quite nicely. By Friday midday we expect the precipitation to stop. It looks like we're going to have mainly sunny skies for the remainder of the weekend. Temperatures are going to be slightly below normal on Saturday.  Saturday looks like a high of 10 degrees. Sunday and Monday look like it's creeping back towards normal highs around 14 to 16 degrees.” 

Fingland says there are a couple of small chances for rain or snow after the long weekend. 

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