September 1 is now officially Alberta Day for the province, The Alberta Government announced.  

“The day will recognize when Alberta became a province on September 1, 1905. In recognition of this anniversary, and in celebration of the province’s unique spirit, culture, and heritage, we have designated September 1 as Alberta Day” The Alberta Government stated. 

Alberta Day is the chance to come together, build community and celebrate everything that makes Alberta special. 

Jason Kenney, the Alberta Premier, says “Creating a new annual tradition of Alberta Day – the day we entered Confederation – will be one way of showing our pride in this amazing province.” 

The Government of Alberta is planning to host a variety of Alberta Day celebrations in Edmonton and Calgary and is offering support to other areas that plan on hosting their celebrations. 

Details on what this entails will come closer to September 1. 

Sadly, the new day will not be a stat-holiday.

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