Well, it's that time of year when school is starting back up with summer slowly coming to an end.

With school making its way back, so does the school zones and school buses. 

With the return, Rocky View County took to Facebook to remind Airdronians about the rules when you see a school bus stopped with the stop sign flashing.

"When approaching a school bus from either direction, be sure to watch for amber lights, indicating you must be ready to stop, and red lights meaning you must stop at least 20 meters (about four vehicles) in advance."

They also wanted to remind residents to be sure to look for students when backing out of their driveway and drive cautiously in school zones.

When driving through a school zone while school is in session, also remember to slow down to 30 kilometres per hour.

The city of Airdrie also had some reminders for Airdronians.

"Crosswalks and school bus zones are not parking spaces (even for the quickest drop-offs). Please park your vehicle before allowing students to jump out (we never recommend the ‘tuck and roll’ method). Jaywalking might be quicker, but crosswalks are safer (getting a late slip is faster than a conversation with an officer)."

School starts Thursday and Friday.

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