Rocky View Schools has expressed concern over the availability of resources and support for teachers, administrators and students during and after the implementation of the new curriculum. 

Starting this September, Grades K-3 English language arts and literature (ELAL)and math will become mandatory for teachers to utilize in their instructional time. According to RVS, “Professional learning, resources and other supports have been developed by both RVS and the provincial government and will be provided to administrators and teachers responsible for kindergarten.” 

At last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, Superintendent Greg Luterbach said that a million dollars have been set aside from the province for RVS to help support curriculum implementation. 

“We've got a number of workshops already planned and Rockyview already before this release about supporting teachers,” he said. 

The Board Chair of RVS, Fiona Gilbert underlined that while having money to spend on resources is crucial, it has to be spent well. 

“While it's great to have money to spend, we know that in order to spend it effectively, it does take a little bit of time to figure out how to distribute it across the system to have everybody had really up to speed up the curriculum,” she said. 

According to an RVS press release, the division believes that the feedback of families and staff that participated in RVS and/or government-led engagements on the draft curriculum, “helped to influence changes to the drafts and the government’s decision to stagger curriculum implementation.” 


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