Late in May, Rocky View County (RVC) released their 2021 Annual Report highlighting some of its accomplishments from the past year. 

Mayor of RVC, Don Kochan, said in the release that this past year was filled with challenges and uncertainty as everyone continued to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Throughout building closures and work from home mandates, staff continued to offer the required services to residents with the help of new initiatives, such as transitioning to online applications and payments. Using webinars, we supported our rural residents through 18 virtual workshops offering advice and support on everything from septic systems to farm succession planning,” says Kochan. 

Kochan mentioned Rocky View County remains a model of financial sustainability with one of the lowest tax rates in the province. 

“Council has approved growth in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, to support future investments, for example, we have adopted a Balzac East Area Structure Plan to provide the potential for an additional 465 acres of land available for business in the area.” 

Some of the highlighted accomplishments in the 2021 Annual Report are: 

  • Conducting a 2021 Municipal Election. 

  • Twinning CrossIron Drive from Dwight McLellan Drive to Range Road 292. 

  • Over $6.8 million in funding to support the delivery of cultural, social, and recreational opportunities. 

  • New Iron Horse Baseball Fields in Langdon. 

  • Completion of a new Langdon Emergency Services Building. 

  • More authority for County Peace offers to better manage speeding and other traffic violations on County roads. 

  • Adoption of the Balzac East Area Structure Plan amendments (providing the potential for an additional 465 acres of business use). 

Kochan says that despite the adversity of a public health crisis, Rocky View County residents, staff, and members of the business community have continued to demonstrate resilience, ingenuity, and solidarity.  

“These values form the backbone of our shared story.” 

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