The Rocky View School Board of Trustees met on Thursday and approved the proposed school fee schedule for the upcoming school year. 

"There was the optional course fees to be no more than four per cent. There was some consideration for inflationary pressures this year. I believe last year we had set it at 2 per cent and we allowed a four per cent inrease this year. There was no additional school wide fees or system wide fees implemented this year," said RVS Finance Director, Steve Thomas.

Thomas also cited that the French Immersion and Christian programs continue to be funded through general school resourcing and allocation from the budget.

"No alternative program fees have been added this year and the sports academies and external partners that we work with, those fees are set externally and so those become based on what those those cost pressures are."

According to a press release from RVS and based off of what Thomas presented, there will be:

  • No increase to any optional course fees by more than four per cent 
  • No additional school-wide fees and system-wide fees
  • No fee can be charged for routine school supplies
  • No fees for Christian and French Immersion programs
  •  No new alternative program fees for Programs of Choice like Building Futures, The Farm, etc.
  •  Sports academies with external partners will have a fee determined between the partner and RVS

The Board also discussed the potential for staggered entry into schools in September.

"For the last two years schools have had the ability to spread the first day of class in September over more than one day rather than having all students return at once. Initially a change due to COVID-19, this staggered entry was found to have benefits for students such as a smoother transition back to school, reduced anxiety, and an overall more positive start to the year."

The Board also supported continuing to provide schools with this flexibility come September if, they feel it will benefit their school communities.

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