Rocky View Schools has announced a new Indigenous Branch Program which will be a part of RVS’ Learning Department. The program's aim will be to support teachers and students to learn about truth and reconciliation.  

According to the Board of Trustees, the creation of the branch was one of the school division's goals. The branch has just started to be operational with August 30 being the first day, Rocky View School Superintendent Greg Luterbach said. Luterbach touched on what's upcoming for the branch this month.  

“They’re already up and going and discussing support for September 30, National day for Truth and Reconciliation.” 

Luterbach also added that for Rocky View Schools, it’s an acknowledgment that this is an important area. The branch will identify and provide resources to show the diversity of traditions, culture and experiences of Indigenous people.  

The new program recently just announced that Cindy Stefanato will be the new Director of Indigenous Learning and will lead the new branch as of August 15.  

Luterbach says the Indigenous Branch will consist of three positions, a Director, a Learning Specialist, and a Connector.  

Rocky View Schools will be keeping an eye on the program and evaluating it the next time Rocky View Schools builds next year’s budget.  

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