Rocky View County (RVC) council allocated the Rocky View Regional Handibus Society $303,500 from its annual Specialized Transportation Assistance Grant at their meeting on October 25. 

Paul Siller the Executive Director of the Rockyview Regional Handibus Society also known as the Rockyview Bus talks about how long the society has been around. 

“We've been around since 1980 providing transportation. In the early 2000s, we realized that it's not really just a Handibus for seniors and disabilities, it's also for other people in the community facing transportation barriers.” 

According to the Rockyview Regional Handibus Society website, the Handibus is for any person who is unable to use regular transit facilities with safety and/or dignity is eligible for transportation on the handibus. 

The money received from the RVC council is used to help subsidize any payments necessary so users of the service only have to pay a small fare fee. 

“We have 12 drivers and 16 buses, obviously some are spares. We're covering pretty much all corners of what we call the Rockyview District, which is really kind of the outer edges of Rockyview. County. All the municipalities within.” 

Some more good news from the Handibus is that they crunched numbers for 2022 and their bookings are only five per cent lower now than before COVID, so they are almost at pre-pandemic numbers. 

If you are interested in learning more about the handibus, visit their website

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