On Thursday, January 12, during a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Rocky View Schools Greg Luterbach; Superintendent of Rocky View Schools, addressed many topics including the integration of the new curriculum in schools, academic and social-emotional support for students, and the newly formed Indigenous Learning Branch. 

RVS is supporting administrators and teachers that are implementing the new curriculum; as it has slowly been implemented in schools. Luterbach is reassuring parents and staff that teachers are very comfortable and familiar with the curriculum and it’s not throwing out everything and starting over. 

As mental health has become more of a focus for everyone RVS has been working to support the academic and social-emotional success of all students. Luterbach talked about how teachers are looking at how they organize their classes and units so that all students can be successful. Teachers will also collaborate with one another to better their classrooms. 

“At different times, schools will engage learning specialists. They'll work elbow to elbow in classrooms, directly modelling the teaching, planning with another teacher, watching the other teacher, and providing feedback. That becomes that really important professional learning where it's embedded in their practice. It's not come to a session at the Ed Center, go back and wish you luck.” 

RVS has a lot of uptakes with the newly formed Indigenous Learning Branch. The branch has been involved in providing resources and guidance across the division to help schools with advancing Truth and Reconciliation in their classrooms. Luterbach talked about how the Indigenous Learning Branch was contacted a lot in September and people were eager to have resources. 

“September was really an opportunity for that branch to show value with the National Truth and Reconciliation week and day. Lots of different resources were shared out with our people, people were hungry for opportunities. Schools did lots of work around National Truth and Reconciliation Day and that sprung into National Indigenous Veterans Day, rock your MOCs, the winter solstice in late December. We continue to work with elder Saa’kokoto to provide guidance around protocol and around that deep knowledge and also just that local knowledge.” 

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