The City of Airdrie is warning Airdronians about the rise of black henbane, while also asking residents for help. 

This summer, the city as a whole has experienced an increase in the growth of black henbane. The most typical locations for black henbane are disturbed or weakly established landscapes. 

In Alberta, black henbane is regarded as a noxious weed. Plants have the capacity to generate large quantities of seeds, can irritate the skin, and have alkaloids that are toxic when consumed. 

black henbane

Large, light-green leaves, a tall, strong stem, and brilliant yellow flowers with purple veins and throats are characteristics of black henbane. 

If black henbane is present on your land, remove the plant from the root, bag it, and throw it away. Avoid skin-to-skin contact with care. 

The city is asking Airdronians to alert them if black henbane is found in public spaces so they can take care of it. They can be reached at 403.948.8400 or

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