George McDougall High School reached the major milestone of $1 million raised thus far for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to help kids who are fighting cancer. 

“Ride of the Mustang” took place from April 13 to the 14 and according to Kelsey Ahluwalia, a teacher at George McDougall High School, they raised $47,000 this year, putting their grand total at $1,011,976. 

Ahluwalia says Ride of the Mustang was made up of a bunch of different activities to keep the students engaged. 

“We had “Just Dance”, we had karaoke, everyone in the gym except for the kids on their bike were all up dancing and participating, playing all kinds of fun games. For school culture it was awesome.’ 

According to Ahluwalia, it's also important, especially for teenagers, they learn that there's more to life than just them. 

“We can't do the research, but we can help fund the research to help kids that we can't help. I think it's important for them to understand the full scope of everything too.” 

Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown is also proud of the work the students have done with Ride of the Mustang. 

“It warms your heart to know that students at our local high school, starting back in 2010, for 11 years, have been raising money for people they might never meet or know, to help them through a terrible time of dealing with horrific illnesses.” 

Ahluwalia says they don’t know what Ride of the Mustang will look like next year just yet, but they’re excited to continue the tradition. 

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