According to the town of Crossfield, a recycling fire that occurred last month on January 26, was likely started by contamination by an improperly disposed of cell phone battery.

The town said that it was alerted to the fire by its recycling contractors during a regular pick of a mixed recycling load.

"The driver had to dump the load on Range Road 12 as it started to burn. The Crossfield Fire Department worked to ensure the fire was contained and everyone was safe. There was no damage to the truck due to the fire."

In its monthly newsletter, the town reminded residents of what is approved to go into the blue recycling bin and what isn't. Items that shouldn't be tossed into the blue bin include garbage, plastic (with recycling symbols 1-7), styrofoam, beverage containers, organic, food waste or wet material, tin & foil, clothing or housewares, glass bottles & jars, as well as electronics or hazardous materials including batteries and cellphones.

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