You seem to see people posting it more and more on social media; Airdronians posting about roadside mailboxes being broken into or the elusive porch pirates.

According to the Airdrie RCMP, over the past 90 days, there have been six thefts of packages or parcels, one was a mailbox theft, and one was either a mailbox or a porch (the package was reported as delivered but did not specify if it was then delivered to the residence or to a mailbox). The remaining four were from porches.

Here is the extensive list the Airdrie RCMP provided to help prevent mail theft and what to do if mail is stolen:

  • Keep track of your packages online
  • Get an estimate of when your package should arrive and either arrange to be home or have a friend or neighbour pick it up
  • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye out
  • Install security cameras and post signs that they are on the property
  • Sign up for online accounts with Canada Post or a third-party location that can accept packages on your behalf
  • Report stolen packages to the police
  • Request that a signature be required
  • Send your packages to your workplace
  • Collect your mail daily; don’t allow your mail to accumulate overnight.
  • Get to know your mail carrier’s usual delivery time.
  • Do not send cash in the mail.
  • If you’ll be away, have someone collect your mail for you, or have your services suspended for that period.
  • If you are expecting and did not receive a cheque or other valuable mail, contact the issuing agency immediately.
  • Keep your mailbox in good repair and make sure it's properly installed and locked at all times.
  • If you see a damaged mailbox, notify Canada Post, your building manager, or the police.
  • Any suspicious activity surrounding Mailboxes should be reported to the police.

Over the same period last year, there were seven total thefts, five thefts from porches and two thefts from mailboxes.

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