At a press conference last week, it was announced Alberta’s government will provide support to assist Ukrainian citizens arriving in the province with employment, education, and health care. 

Fleeha Ahmad, the Program Coordinator Settlement Counselor for Rockyview Immigrant Services explains what they do. 

“We are the settlement counsellors they first greet and then we guide them into the process of referral basis through document assistance, basically the resettlement program within their new community.” 

Ahmad says this funding is a good way for Ukrainians to live in rural Alberta. 

“I think the positive part is that they're smaller communities. It's easier to move around and then the services are easier to take advantage of. Another thing is that community members are more willing to help because of the distance factor.” 

Alberta’s total assistance to Ukraine currently surpasses $13 million, with new funding of more than $2 million to support settlement and language services delivered by newcomer-serving organizations across the province. 

With ongoing assistance from the government and settlement agencies across the province, Ukrainians arriving in Alberta will be able to: 

  • Access health coverage to receive the health care and support they need. 

  • Immediately enroll children in K-12 schools in their new communities to ensure continued education and access to language learner programs if needed. 

  • Get an Alberta identification card, including a driver’s license, to access important services and support, such as health care and banking services. 

  • Get help finding a licensed child care program in their community that works best for their family. 

  • Access organizations and resources that can help find work and build careers in Alberta like Alberta Supports centres – including searching for jobs specifically for Ukrainian arrivals. 

  • Access community adult learning programs to improve financial and literacy skills, including English as an Additional Language. 

  • Access a reference guide at in English and Ukrainian, with detailed information on resources and supports that can help Ukrainian arrivals settle into their new communities. 

“The Ukrainian refugees are not coming as the usual refugees who flee the country to come here. They're coming under the temporary visa, but they're getting the services as a permanent resident.” 

For Ukrainian families coming to Airdrie or Rocky View County, Ahmad recommends they connect with a settlement counsellor at Rocky View Immigrant Services as it would make their integration very simplified. 

 "We already collaborate with local community partners; we would be best guiding them and it's a safe and secure service. So, there won't be any fraud or misguiding or misleading information”. 

To get ahold of Ahmed to learn more, her email is  

Alberta is home to more than 369,000 people of Ukrainian descent. 

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