As the school year begins next week, Cochrane families will get their first chance to start the year off right.

On Thursday, September 6, from 3:30-5:30 pm, Cochrane IGA is hosting the province-wide launch of a lifestyle challenge that motivates families to eat healthy and spend time together.

Communities Choosewell and Sobey’s 21 Days to Healthy Eating event features a keynote address from the town's local celebrity, 'Marathon Man' Martin Parnell, along with appearances from Alberta’s associate minister of wellness, Dave Rodney; Cochrane’s Mayor Truper McBride, plus organizers of the challenge which is open to 166 communities around the province.

The whole Cochrane community is invited to attend. Spectators get nutritious and tasty meal ideas in a live cooking demonstration along with tips and tools to help make family meals more frequent and fun.

Attendees are also entered to win prizes including a professional cookware set worth $800.

Through the challenge, families are encouraged to find time to cook and eat together at least once a day for 21 days. Specific attention is given to the various needs and goals of the various individuals who make up the family unit: adults, youth, kids and seniors. With all ages, the goal is encourage healthy eating, family togetherness, and the formation of good habits.

Interested Cochranites can get more information online.