Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney said he expressed his frustration to the Canadian Fuels Association this past week over high gas prices in the province and he will also be asking the Competition Bureau of Canada to investigate potential gasoline price fixing in Alberta.

“It is illegal for competitors to mutually agree to set prices. Albertans deserve to know if this is going on," he said. “Finally, I have directed Service Alberta to explore whether there are any tools we could use. With Alberta no longer collecting fuel taxes at the pump, Albertans deserve to know why they are suddenly paying as much for gasoline as motorists in Toronto when as recently as two weeks ago they were paying far less.”

Alberta's government announced on April 1 that it would be eliminating the 13-cent per litre provincial fuel tax.

"As I said when we announced this measure in March, we won’t accept any games being played with this. However, over the last 10 days, the gas price advantage Albertans have enjoyed relative to other provinces has disappeared and it now appears Albertans are no longer benefiting from the tax cut."

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