Following the national trend, the city's gas prices have once again jumped from $1.79/litre to nearly two dollars. Prices across Airdrie are now $1.919/litre for regular gas.

However, gas prices on the West Coast of Canada are even higher. Vancouver gas prices are over two dollars per litre, with some stations reporting $2.26/litre. 

According to a report by the Canadian Press, "National average gas prices rose to about $2.06 on Sunday, up almost three cents from the day before and 11 cents higher compared with a week ago, according to the Canadian Automobile Association."

Gas prices have risen rapidly over the last year as a tight global supply has been worsened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Prices have also been pushed higher by strong demand as the economy reopens and a busy travel season gets underway.

With files from The Canadian Pess, Brett Bundale. 

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