With October just around the corner, the provincial fuel tax will be back in place, but not the full 13 cents.

For the next three months starting October 1, Alberta will continue to have the lowest provincial fuel tax in the country at 4.5 cents per litre.

According to President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Jason Nixon, “Earlier this year, Alberta’s government introduced the fuel tax relief program to help Albertans deal with higher fuel costs. The program continues to provide fuel tax savings as long as the average price of WTI (West Texas Intermediate) is above US$79.99 per barrel."

Fuel tax savings are calculated quarterly. Alberta’s government will provide another program update in December.

If the tax was added today, compared to other major cities in Alberta, Calgary prices would be around $136.9, Red Deer would be around $130.9 while Airdrie would be around $144.9 - $148.9.

As of right now, it looks like most gas stations in Airdrie are around the $139.9 - $143.9 mark for regular and $164.9 for diesel.

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