Farmers in most areas of the prairies whould have made good progress with the harvest over the long weekend.

It will be interesting to see just where this week's numbers sit.

Alberta's weekly crop report came out on Friday which showed at the time 18 percent of the major crop harvest in the province was complete.  Provincially, 74 per cent of the field peas are in, 29 per cent of the barley, and 19 per cent of the spring wheat have been harvested, while less than five per cent of the oats and canola are in. Harvest is most advanced in the South and Central areas of Alberta where ongoing dryness remains a concern.

Prior to weekend, Saskatchewan's harvest was 33 per cent complete with 48 per cent of durum, 46 per cent of barley, 26 per cent of spring wheat, and 10 per cent of canola now in.

Last week, Manitoba reported 18 per cent of the provincial crop is in with 97 per cent of the winter cereals.. 38 per cent of the barley, 31 per cent of the oats and 32 percent of the spring wheat now in the bin.

You can check out the Manitoba Crop Report here, Saskatchewan Crop Report here, and Alberta's Crop Report here.