The Alberta RCMP is asking road users to be cautious of pedestrians this Halloween, but also reminding those who are trick-or-treating to be mindful of their surroundings.

"Every year, as expected, there is increased foot traffic out on our streets and sidewalks with people participating in different Halloween activities,” said Inspector Chris Romanchych of Alberta RCMP Traffic. “Trick-or-treating or not, it is important that we be mindful of pedestrians and look out for each other on the roads.” 

The RCMP is advising that everyone remember to not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to stay alert and watch for pedestrians. As far as trick-or-treaters are concerned, police advise that they should carry a flashlight, wear a bright costume, or add reflective material to their costume so that motorists can easily see them.

"Ensure masks or hoods do not obstruct your vision and that you are able to see clearly and be sure to use crosswalks and follow all traffic signals."

Children should travel with parents, guardians, or in a trusted group, and if you are pulling over in a neighbourhood or cul-de-sac, ensure you are parked in a legal spot and are not blocking any driveways, crosswalks, or intersections.

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