Calgary police are investigating a possible candy tampering after a woman found a sewing needle inside a packaged chocolate bar that her child received while trick-or-treating in the community of Panorama Hills.

The woman allegedly found the sewing needle in the chocolate bar on November 2 and then reported it to the police the following day. Police stated the child had not eaten the candy and was not injured, The investigation is continuing. 

"As the child is believed to have collected candy from at least 100 homes, we have not been able to determine where the candy bar came from. The investigation is ongoing as we try to determine whether this was intentional," a press release stated.

The police are reminding parents to ensure they have checked their children’s candy before letting them eat it, as well as checking candy wrappers for any holes, tears, openings or signs they have been opened and re-wrapped. Parents should discard any candy that they do not recognize or that they think looks suspicious.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the police by calling 403-266-1234. Tips can also be submitted anonymously to Crime Stoppers or by calling 1-800-222-8477

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