The courts on Main Street always seem to be full whenever you drive by. Is it safe to say Pickleball is the next up-and-coming sport? 

Norm Vienneau, Current President of the Airdrie Pickleball Club, says they have over 300 players registered on Facebook. 

“We usually play every morning from nine till noon at the Nose Creek courts. If you drive by, you'll find that there are 24 to 30 people at the courts.” 

With Nose Creek only having four courts, the maximum player base at a time is 16 people. This means, a lot of the time, people are watching and waiting for their turn. 

“The Airdrie Pickleball Club has worked with the City of Airdrie to bring more sites,” says Vienneau, “One of the things the City of Airdrie has done is they've painted lines at the Monklands Outdoor Hockey facility. We have four courts there that we use as an overflow and we will soon be using it to do round robins in the mornings.” 

Currently, the Airdrie Pickleball Club does not have its society status. Vienneau would like to get the society status to help, at some point in the future, build a 16 to 20 court facility in Airdrie. 

“The reason for that is it would allow us to host tournaments in Airdrie. There's a 24-court facility in Red Deer and last year they held Nationals and Provincials.” 

Vienneau mentioned if Airdrie can build this facility with a larger number of courts in one area, hosting tournaments would help bring revenue to Airdrie by way of tourism.  

According to Vienneau, the atmosphere when playing pickleball is when you miss a shot, instead of getting mad and upset, laughter breaks out. 

“A friend of mine that plays says you got to have the memory of a goldfish to play pickleball. In other words, it only lasts two seconds and on with the next shot.” 

June 11 is Alberta Pickleball Day, and the Airdrie Pickleball Club is inviting everybody to come and try the sport. 

“We're allowing many people to come down and try pickleball and just have fun with it. We will have some members on-site that will coach you on how to score, how to count scores, how to serve, and the basic rules of pickleball. We're just there to help you have fun.” 

Airdrie’s Pickleball Club is a member of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta. 

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