We certainly needed the moisture, and this week we got it, in spades, or, in snow, as the case may be.  

After Tuesday's (April 19) traffic-tangling, snowmageddon event where 22.3 cm of the white stuff was deposited in the area, breaking the previous record for the day of 20 cm received in 1955, Friday's brief dump of gigantic flakes set the second record of the week for snowfall.

Airdrie received 13.4 cm of snow on April 22nd.  The total surpassed the previous record of 12.7 that was established in 1937, 85 years back.  

While the forecast for the next several days indicates the huge dumps may be over, there is still a chance of some of that needed moisture with some showers or possibly flurries forecast for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights.  

Don't be too quick to store your snow shovels away though.   The Victoria Day weekend is coming.  

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