On July 23, the Nose Creek Valley Museum held a Car Boot Sale and Flea Market to help raise funds for the museum, and many Airdronians come out and attend the event. 

Laurie Harvey, the Executive Director Curator at Nose Creek Valley Museum says the event was much like a garage sale, but without the garage. 

“People from the community would rent a spot in our parking lot, or spot in one of our meeting rooms if they didn't want to be outside, then they come the day of with their vehicle and set up and sell whatever they like. It's sort of like having a garage sale for people who don't have a garage.” 

Harvey says nearly every spot they had available was rented out. 

“We have 50 spots in our parking lot and room in our meeting rooms for 15 tables. We were over 40 vendors, it was amazing.” 

During the event, Harvey also mentioned the Museum was super busy. 

“I would say we had about 250 people visit the museum. I would think it was way more than that outside at the vendors and in the meeting rooms.” 

This was such a hit for the Museum, they have just announced that they plan on doing it again on August 27. 

For Harvey herself, the Museum has a special place in her heart. 

“I adore this place, and I want to share it with everyone. To have all these community members come and support the people who had spaces and also to support the museum was something that we have missed doing in the last couple of years, even though it was understandable and we support it. We still miss doing it. So, it was really nice.” 

At this next Car Boot Sale and Flea Market, they hope to have somebody offer a barbeque or have food trucks come to attend the event. 

The museum raised a little over $1000. 

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