Airdrie recently launched a couple of new brand-new modes of transportation within the city with Hello-to-go transit and the e-scooter program. These new services haven’t been without hiccups along the way though, as some Airdronians are raising their concerns online. 

Chris MacIsaac, the Transit Team Leader for the City of Airdrie, says they know when changes are made, they affect customers. They recommend if any customers are unable to use the Hello-to-go service to reach out to the transit department and they will talk about the issues to move forward.  

MacIsaac says “We feel if we work together with customers, we can make changes in the next couple of weeks to help everyone get where they need to go.”   

A concerned Airdronian was quoted saying “Already, the new bus system is failing. I called for a ride and was told it was busy now and to wait for the bus to resume its route in an hour and a half. This is a service that is paid in advance, how will people that depend on public transportation get to work and appointments on time?”  

MacIsaac says that ridership for week 1 was just under 800 patrons. He did acknowledge that it was a little higher than they were expecting, but the high number of patrons gave useful knowledge like busy days and what hours will be busiest.  

The more information the city receives, the more updates will come to the service MacIsaac adds. The city wants to help customers meet their needs.  

MacIsaac mentioned they have heard about parking concerns about the e-scooters so he said to make sure to be considerate where you are parking. 

Unfortunately, curbs and sidewalks are being blocked, which can pose challenges for others.  

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