Jim Stewart, President and co-founder of RealStream Income Properties purchased the Towerlane Centre in 2021 and is working tirelessly on making the area the place to come for the city's residents. Some of what he envisions was on full display this past weekend. 

Both old and brand new businesses that call Towerlane home were part of what was dubbed the 'fun zone' over the weekend, giving Airdronians a chance to enjoy live performances and sample what the local businesses are offering. Stewart is keen on continuing the momentum.

"One of the things that we are going to head with is we're going to try to light up every darn tree we can in Towerlane. I want to bring life to the center," Stewart said. "We're also looking at events that are going to attract younger families downtown."

He added that part of making the fun zone fun will be to add a myriad of different food and restaurant options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. But it's not just about appetizers. Stewart said that they have expanded the city center animal hospital into a new clinic that is more than double their previous size. 

"We're actually working on a few major tenants for Towerlane, which we're not going to be able to announce yet; nothing's finalized, but there are a few and they will change the landscape of Tower Lane. Hopefully, we'll see those come to fruition in 2023."

Stewart noted that the new multi-use library facility which will be neighbouring the center will add value to downtown and that he and his team are working with the city in order to see how it can all be integrated.

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