Airdronians and Albertans are now able to report hate-motivated incidents online.

The reporting can be done through the Alberta RCMP app or the Online Crime Reporting link on the Alberta RCMP website.

"It’s important to report hate-motivated incidents and crimes because it allows police to stay informed about what is impacting communities. This is vital in order to provide support and create proactive measures to keep all Albertans safe," stated the RCMP.

Here is the difference between a hate-motivated incident and a hate crime according to the RCMP:

  • A hate incident is a non-criminal action, motivated by hate, bias, or prejudice towards a person or group based on colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual identity, gender identity or expression, mental or physical disability, or any other similar factor.
  •  A hate crime is a crime motivated by hate, based in whole or in part upon the characteristics mentioned above.

The usage of obscene symbols or racial slurs are a couple of examples of acts motivated by hate. Due to the non-criminal nature of these acts, they frequently go undetected, but their effects on victims and communities persist, including psychological damage and feelings of shame and humiliation.

These occurrences can also produce discontent in the entire community, leaving victims and people who identify similarly feeling afraid, alone, and as though they don't belong.

Even if the victim of the hate-motivated incident does not feel comfortable calling or initially coming into a detachment. People can also file reports on behalf of other people, providing support for those who might not feel secure doing so or who might need help.

“Alberta RCMP firmly believes in bias-free policing and ensuring that all Albertans feel safe,” states Cpl. Mohamad Khaled, Alberta RCMP Hate Crimes Coordinator. “Part of feeling safe is feeling seen and heard, that is why Alberta RCMP works directly with marginalized people and communities to ensure their needs are met.”

To report any type of crime online, click HERE.

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