According to the Edmonton Police Service, investigators believe that the 13-year-old Edmonton girl who was found in Oregon early yesterday morning had made contact with the suspect over a social media platform.

"With this being an open investigation within multiple agencies, we are limited in the information we can completely confirm at this time," the Edmonton Police Service stated in a written statement. "We cannot provide any information related to the border crossing."

However, police did confirm that they do believe the suspect was in the area of Mission, B.C. after the youth had gone missing for some time.

In a Facebook post on the group dedicated to finding the Edmonton teenager, a post stated that the girl is now home with her mother.

"I wanted to share one thing because I think it is crucial and because of all of your efforts. When I was hugging her she told me that she saw her face and saw the news! This made my heart melt. That means that in her darkest moments when she needed her family, she could see us and she could see the overwhelming response of our community to bring her home."

Previously, it was reported that a 41-year-old Oregon male suspect was taken into custody and will be facing charges of Child Luring and additional charges may follow as the investigation progresses.

Multiple agencies were involved in the search for the teenager, including various specialized Edmonton Police Service units, as well as, ALERT (Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams), Northern Alberta ICE Unit, RCMP, Abbotsford Police, US Customs and Border Patrol, CBSA, Gladstone Police (Oregon), Oregon City Police, and the FBI.

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