Airdronians Nicole Birch and Cassie Fortune are creating a new not-for-profit within Airdrie called "The Inside Out Club" to help those struggling with mental health and special needs.

The new program in Airdrie is set to get underway September 1 for anyone that feels like they could use the help.

While trying to get everything set up and finding funds for different programs, a gofundme has been created to fundraise $20,000 for their three-month pilot program, while trying to get funding from the provincial government. All funds raised will go towards, rent and supplies.

"Any money that we fundraise, and any money that is being made, goes right back into the program," explained Birch.

While they are currently working with Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt and Mayor Peter Brown to try and find a location for the club and garner provincial support, they have teamed up with Glitch Gaming Lounge to start things off. As of September 1 anybody that would like to be a part of the club, can head down to the lounge any day Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If they are able to raise $20,000, Birch hopes the province will be able to step up and help them so they don't have to keep fundraising $20,000 every three months.

Birch has plenty of activity ideas.

"Karaoke, bingo, crafting, board games, community cleanup projects and other things like that."

While the new club will be fully volunteered run, Birch hopes attendees will be able to run certain programs.

Birch admits she is nervous trying to create the new not-for-profit, but she is reminding herself that she is doing it on behalf of the people that can't do it for themselves.

For more information about "The Inside Out Club" or to make a donation, click HERE.