With the first weather system from early June finally passing through, Airdrie might see another system come through mid-this week. 

Alysa Pederson, a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says June is the rainiest month for the foothills of Alberta, which includes Calgary, Airdrie, and the surrounding area.  

“For this week, it's looking pretty unsettled. Temperatures are normal, which is around 20 degrees for daytime highs through Wednesday.” 

Once Wednesday arrives, it's predicted that the weather will be a little bit more severe. 

“Things change a little bit with the potential for severe thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon. That turns into a system that's likely to bring some rain again on Wednesday night, Thursday, and into Friday.” 

This upcoming system is different compared to the previous one, according to Pederson. 

“The system that we had last week was a pretty substantial system with over 100 millimetres of rain on the foothills. This week, we're looking at a system that is going to be pretty intense, looking like the foothills could get around 50 millimetres of rain. Whether that's going to be in the Airdrie area, west, or maybe a little bit north, it's still a little bit uncertain.” 

Pederson bets on Airdrie receiving around 20 –25 millimetres of rain but says, towards the end of June, things should be back to normal. 

“Some of our longer-range model guidance is saying we're headed towards more normal temperatures. Maybe a little bit above normal from the end of the month and the start of July. Normals are, right now, around 20 degrees.” 

Pederson reminds Albertans to always be prepared for major storms that could come unexpectedly. 

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