Easter is less than a week away and we might get some snow just before the holiday. 

Terry Lang, Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, says things might get a little snowy overnight. 

“Unfortunately, we're kind of into a bit of a colder pattern over the next week or so. Mother Nature's kind of sank this big area of cooler air over Western Canada.” 

Lang says we are looking for those cooler temperatures to continue. 

“Cooler than average, and probably a little bit of snow. We're not looking at a whole bunch of accumulations or anything like that. Just enough to be annoying.’ 

According to Lang, it will warm up on the weekend, but it won't get as warm as you may want. 

“It is trying to get a little bit warmer towards the weekend, trying to break that zero-degree mark. We're still not going to get into the warmer stuff. Maybe Tuesday into Wednesday we might see a little bit of recovery. But sometimes those long-range models can change their minds very quickly.” 

Lang says this spring is going to be a little cooler than average. 

“That doesn't mean it won't get warm. But what it means is, overall, temperatures are forecast to be on the cooler side when you put together March, April, and May. It is also forecast to be drier than average, which is not great news for the farmers and ranchers, but something that we'll keep an eye on because we do need those showers and spring rains. 

Lang says it’s still springtime and conditions can change really quickly and to always check the highway conditions before heading out, especially in southern Alberta. 

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