According to the 2023 provincial budget released today, Airdrie will see some funds come in for some infrastructure projects, planning for a new healthcare centre and for a possible new school.

Budget 2023 provides $3.1 billion in capital funding over three years to further build up Alberta’s valuable healthcare infrastructure. Additionally, $18 million over three years will go towards planning the North Calgary/Airdrie Regional Health Centre, stand-alone Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, expansion of the Strathcona Community Hospital, and new or upgraded facilities in Bassano, Cardston and Whitecourt.

Of that $18 million, $3 million has been allocated for the planning of the North Calgary/Airdrie Regional Health Centre.

"I'm really pleased to see that this project is moving one step forward," explained Airdrie East MLA, Angela Pitt. "We're not there yet, but this is a great first step, and I look forward to a really clear and precise planning process."

As of right now, no new funding has been allocated to Airdrie's current healthcare facility.

"We need to move towards planning a new facility, and that's what this North Calgary/Airdrie Regional Health Centre planning funding will be used for."

Pitt did mention when it comes to specific renovations, they don't usually show up in budgets like this as Alberta Health Services (AHS) does the planning and the budgeting for Airdrie's urgent care facility.

When it comes to money for schools, Airdrie will also see some help.

Budget 2023 Capital Plan provides $372 million for the design and construction of new and modernized schools and Airdrie will be supported by this funding. How much exactly is still unknown.

"It is no secret that Airdrie has a growing community and has many pressures in all parts of our education system. I am very hopeful in the coming weeks as specific school announcements roll out that Airdrie's needs will be met by this government."

According to Airdrie East MLA Angela Pitt, The provincial government is giving the finishing touches to what was allocated for the 40th Avenue overpass. $20.6 million over the next two years.

Also in the budget, it was announced $51 million over three years will be spent to replace the interchange at the QEII Highway and Highway 566 at Balzac.

"This is an important project to continue to see the good economic development that we've seen in the area. This is a critical piece of infrastructure for the flow of goods in and out of our province."

Pitt did mention Airdronians should stay tuned in as there is a lot of good news to come in more detail out of this budget in the coming weeks.

Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown said he will comment on the budget once he has more details.

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