Local artist Chelsea Heffner says it's easy to be kind. This is why she decided to auction off a watercolour painting in support of the Airdrie Pride Society last month. 

"I just wanted, as an ally, I wanted to do something to support the LGBTQ+ community here in Airdrie for Pride Month. I thought what is a better way to support them than to create something beautiful."

The painting which was auctioned off on June 30 and would see 50 per cent of the proceeds donated to the Airdrie Pride Society raised $275. The piece itself took one month to paint.

"I love hands, and the theme of being kind; you can show kindness through your hands. I think they're very inspiring," she said. "I just really wanted to take the idea of hands, and kind of work that into helping somebody see the beauty in being kind to others. [The painting] is a hand with vines kind of woven through it and in honour of pride, it has rainbow colours."

When asked how she views the kindness of Airdrie, Heffner said to her, that Airdrie still has a small-town feel with people who have big hearts.

"You always have people that say good morning to you; if you're on a walk or smile, or hold the door open for you. If If you're in a pickle, you can always ask your neighbours for help. It feels comfortable and I just really tried to encourage that in my life, being kind to others and supporting others in the best way you can."


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