Animal Shelters all over the province are struggling with capacity issues Colleen Holden the Financial Secretary on the board for Tails to Tell says.

Tails to Tell is looking for help as they struggle to stay afloat after an unprecedented year.

"We usually get 100 surrenders a year and this year alone we're already at over 100 surrenders and this is only July". Holden states

Holden says that they are at 100% capacity and have no space for other cats unless they start fostering some.  

The local animal rescue says that they are still receiving calls every day to take in stray cats and kittens.

Last month the shelter's total vet bill came in at over $14,000, they anticipate another $10,000 in spays and neuters by the end of the year. 

Due to all of the unforeseen costs, the small animal shelter has needed to reach out to locals to help stay afloat. 

They recently made a Facebook post that has gained a little bit of traction, so far they have made $6000 in donations from it. 

Tails to Tell will be hosting multiple fundraisers throughout the next couple of months such as a tribute Elton John concert, 50/50s, and silent auctions. If you want to support the rescue you can donate here. 

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