Evie Marsten, known as the daughter in the Stage 5 Motion Picture is one of the main characters. 

Marsten, who has also been cast in Paramount's Joe Pickett series with a recurring role, has been acting for two years and started theatre acting when she was five.  She is also a award winning songwriter and composer

Marsten had to do three auditions for this film, two of them were over Zoom before she got the part. Her role is somebody that has to be brave and strong. 

“She has gone through a lot; I feel like she's pretty strong even though all of the things that she's gone through.” 

According to Marsten, it is super fun to play the role and do the scenes. 

Film StarEvie with her co-stars!

Up next for Marsten’s career, she hopes to get more roles and go on America’s Got Talent to sing since she does singing lessons and has sung before in her years of theatre. 

With school starting back up, Marsten, who used to be homeschooled is back to in-person school. She is able to make time for both her acting career and school. 

According to Marsten’s mother, “With homeschooling, acting was really easy to incorporate into her days and into her weeks. But I've spoken with the principal and the teachers, and they're all very accommodating to what she needs. It's wonderful.” 

Marsten went on to talk about one role she would love to do if given the choice,

“Probably Amy from Heartland, I love horses and I horseback ride as I have a horse.” 

Some inspiring words from Marsten for upcoming young actors include being confident, knowing your stuff and just trying hard.  

There are a few other locals working on set, including Amanda Tozser, who is working as the film's key makeup and hair artist.

Amanda has been working for years on mastering her craft and it's keeping her busy as she's been working steadily on films and TV series in the area, with the current boom in Alberta's film industry. 

Stage 5 is the second film from Australian director Eddie Arya and Aryavision Pictures, to film in the Airdrie area. 

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